As the first Saxonian travelling theatre, the Kammeroper Leipzig (engl. chamber opera) culturally enriches not only the cultural realm of Leipzig but that of the whole European region since it has been established in 2009.

With our classically staged works and rarities of opera and operetta literature, we are offering an alternative and gain to the existing cultural life.

Opera pasticcios - a liaison of opera and play - are our special trademark. For instance, you can experience a special production for the Wagner year 2013 "See you in Walhalla" (about the lives of the three Bayreuth prima donnas), or the fantastic opera whodunnit "Mord in der Primadonnenloge" (Murder in the box of the prima donna)with the arias of Puccini.

Find programmes you have always been looking for; memorable programmes that make you laugh out loud and move your heart and soul.

See and feel the wonderful opera in a different way! Kammeroper Leipzig is suitable for every stage and every concert hall, presenting fantastic, internationally renowned singers and actors, popular melodies and classical costumes that will enchant you and take you to the dream land of classical music.

Experience extraordinary opera and a fireworks of voices!