"Gerda - Die Schneekönigin"

Gerard Bunk

The children's opera Gerda (German Premiere) based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

At the end of the story we will know more than before. Because one of the meanest characters there is, the devil, invented the magic mirror in which everything good looked ugly and disgusting. One day the devil took his magic mirror and flew into the heavens to make fun of the angels and God. But the mirror shattered in millions of splinters and fell as little grains of sand into the world. The wind blew this sand into the eyes of some people or even into the hearts of some others and caused even greater harm than before.

See, now the story of Gerda, a little girl, that went on a long journey to rescue her cursed brother. Will she succeed, before his cursed heart will have turned to ice and he will have forgotten every memory of their childhood?