"Mord in der Primadonnenloge"

Giacomo Puccini

Never before in its eventful history, the Metropolitain Opera witnessed a similar catastrophe like the one of Rudolf Salz on a peculiar Wednesday afternoon during the second act of Richard Wagner's Valkyrie. It happened directly in front of the soprano singer's eyes - a murder! Rudolf Salz lay there dead on the concrete floor... But who was the culprit?

Helen Traubel and her assistant Dave Lang investigate in the milieu of the theatre. As is generally known, opera singers are a weird bunch, impetuous, capricious, and unpredictable.
To find a murderer there will be more than thrilling.

This evening (based loosely on a crime story of the great Wagnerdiva Helen Traubel) will be framed with wonderful melodies, arias and duets out of Puccini's and Verdi's operas.


  • (Rudolf Salz - murdered)
  • (Frau Maushammer)
  • (Helen Traubel // Elsa Vaughn)
  • (Hilda Sempel//Edwina de Brett //Mister Cullen)
  • (Karl Ecker - Pianist)