"See you in Wallhalla"

Richard Wagner

See you in Wallhalla - World Premiere

The three prima donnas from Bayreuth, Martha Mödl, Birgit Nilsson, and Astrid Varnay receive an invitation from Wieland Wagner to travel to Walhalla with the "Rheintöchterairline". Upon the arrival on the airport, waiting for the departure, they tell funny, charming, and true stories and anecdotes of their lives.

Did Martha Mödel really work as a tights-model? And how did Birgit Nilsson acquire the original handkerchief of Richard Wagner? And why did the "Omelette à la Varnay" vanish from the menu of the famous Bayreuth Hotel Reichsadler so suddenly...?

Experience an enchanting evening with extracts out of Richard Wagner's famous operas "Isoldes Liebestod" ("Isolde's lovedeath"), "Rheingold", "Tannhäuser", "Lohengrin", and "The Valkyrie", embedded in a play especially written for that purpose, with anecdotes of the lives of the three greatest Wagner performers of the 20th century.

Private confessions of three prima donnas and musical fireworks of voices.


  • (Martha Mödl)
  • (Birgit Nilsson)
  • (Astrid Varnay)
  • (Flughafendurchsage // Klavierbegleitung)