"The Sorceresses"

Georg Friedrich Händel

Young night Ruggiero meets the wicked sorceress Alcina at a ball, who falls deeply in love with her victim. But Ruggiero is already engaged to Alcina's rival Bradamante and is therefore now standing between two women: while one of them truly loves him, the other is merely interested in having a decorative status symbol.
Which one of the ladies will he choose?

The Sorceresses is an exciting story about seduction, rejection, revenge and resignation in the tradition of Pasticcio, with romantic Händel arias and duets, which are sung live and accompanied by piano and small-sized orchestra.


  • (Alcina - the wicked sorceress)
  • (Bradamante - the good enchantress)
  • (Ruggiero - a young knight)
  • (Alcina's captive / piano accompaniment)
  • (Alcina's captive / orchestra quartet)